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Táino Nation of Boriken sends Food Support for the 26th Annual Jornada Indigena Taína event in Jayuya

Updated: Apr 18


Borikua Taino Foundation Treasurer Miguel David of Yukayeke Jatibonicu traveled to the mountains of Jayuya for their annual Jornada Indigena Taína event. This two-day event is organized by Taino elder Margarita “Kuku-ya” Nogueras Vidal, leader of El Tribu Yuke de Borikè, and local decolonial facilitators CEPA (Center for Embodied Pedagogy) members. This event brings together members from the wider Taino community and diaspora to connect with the land as our ancestors once did, and to commune in ceremony with them. Of his experience there, Miguel says:

"Taking part of La Jornada Indigena is an overwhelming experience that brings you back to the essence of existence and who we are as people. We acknowledge and honor our connection with the land and our ancestors. By doing so, I also recognized my place in this path to ensure continuity for future generations. So that we don't forget our past, and know that we all play a role of ensuring the enjoyment of a bountiful Earth for today and the future."

The event takes place in a Batey located outside of the Cemi Museum. The organizers explain "El Batey is the place where we carry out the activities in our indigenous ceremonial center. We call Batey the place where we meet as a community to fan the flame of love for everything that surrounds us and has life. It is also the place where we practice prayers, songs, dances, music, and healing practices among other things."

With support from our sister organization, Grinding Stone Collective, we were able to provide food to feed 230 guests over the two days. We send our gratitude to CEPA for inviting us to participate and to Kukuya for welcoming Miguel to the celebration.

The members of the Yuke Tribe of Borikè welcome you to the Taíno Indigenous Day , to be celebrated in the sacred ceremonial center of Jayuya, Borikè. We carry out the administration and care of the ceremonial center together with the Municipality of Jayuya. We also offer guidance and support to those interested in learning more about our traditions.

Grinding Stone Collective Inc. is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to creating meaningful events, workshops, classes, and databases for Indigenous communities. Our core mission is to build strong, self-sufficient Indigenous communities and to build connections between urban and rural natives. We are committed to creating innovative, impactful, and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us as Indigenous people today.

CEPA is a project that designs and facilitates encounters rooted in practices to heal accumulated trauma from our being. It’s part of a movement of people working to transform their relationships and everyday life to co-create freedom, centering all marginalized peoples especially Puerto Rican women, gender nonconforming, trans, queer folx. To manifest a just future, we honor the wisdom of the earth and of our ancestors as we work to heal.

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