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Council of the borikua taino nation

The council consists of 12 Naboria Borikua Taino. Each month the council votes on a number of funding proposals and program applications aimed at promoting growth and prosperity.


Borikua Community Land Trust

The Borikua Community Land Trust will work to protect our land from new waves of colonization and help keep Borikua stewardship in Borikua hands. Our motherland has been fertilized with the blood, sweat and tears of our ancestors and we must protect it so we may build conucos to feed future generations and beyond. 


BorikuA Taino Tribal Services

As a caring nation, we have a rich tradition of servant leadership. We extend our hearts and resources to those in need. And we strive to create better lives for all of our tribal members.

Borikua Taino Foundation

The Borikua Taino Foundation is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Borikua Taino achieve higher levels of education, preserve their unique cultural identity, land preservation, and develop sustainable health programs. One hundred percent of donations go toward the Borikua Taino people.

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