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Tribal Member Services

As a caring nation, we have a rich tradition of servant leadership. We extend our hearts and resources to those in need. And we strive to create better lives for all of our tribal members.

Tribal Enrollment & Vital Records Office


The mission of the Borikua Taino Nation Tribal Enrollment & Vital Records Office is to protect, honor, and adhere to the governance set forth by the Constitution of the Taino Nation of Boriken  and the Enrollment Ordinance. The Enrollment Department strives to ensure that each person and department be treated fairly, compassionately, and with total cooperation in regards to membership, potential membership, and other tribal businesses. Our office practices total confidentiality pertaining to department business.   

Family Services 


The Family and Children's Services Program protects and Nurtures Borikua Taino Children and the family unit. Families are the center stones of Borikua Taino lifeways and our yucayeques.

Health Services 


The ongoing health and wellness of our tribal community members is a top priority for us. We support strong mental and physical wellness by providing quality medical care, health initiatives and programs.

Department of Missing Indigenous Relatives


The Department of Missing Indigenous Relatives for the Taino Nation of the Boriken is dedicated to providing comprehensive support, resources, and advocacy for locating and reuniting missing Indigenous individuals within our community. Our mission is rooted in the principles of justice, cultural preservation, and community empowerment. Through a combination of database management, flyer support, and networking assistance, we strive to bring solace to families, strengthen our cultural fabric, and promote the overall well-being of our Taino Nation.

Community Services 


As a community, we stand in solidarity with one another and seek ways to improve our nation's quality of life. We will offer a variety of community services to those in need of support. Services will include access to tribal teachings/training, community childcare, senior citizen services, youth services, community meals and food pantry access.

Public Services 


As we have seen in the aftermath of hurricanes in the last decade, we can not rely on municipalities to provide the necessary services to keep our community clean and safe. Our Public Services office seeks to create access to solar power, food/resource transportation and sanitation services.

Education & Cultural Services 


It is our mission to preserve our national heritage by providing a foundational knowledge of Borikua Taino customs and traditions through lessons from elders, access to resource materials, and protecting our cultural and historical sites. Lessons include language classes, textile making, weaving, beading, pottery, woodworking, conuco formation, hunting/fishing, foraging and other ancestral skill sets that bring us closer to our ancestors and sovereignty. 

Financial Services


The mission of the Department of Finance is to promote financial accountability and accurate reporting, while ensuring the proper use of Tribal resources and safeguarding the Tribal assets, utilizing a broad-based reflective approach to support programs in serving the community and Tribal membership.

Taino Nation of Boriken

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