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RESIST: Helping Food Security in Puerto Rico's Indigenous Climate-Weary Communities

Updated: Apr 17

Boriken (Puerto Rico), an island directly affected by climate change, has endured devastating storms that wreak havoc on communities, causing widespread destruction and disrupting essential services. These storms have resulted in prolonged power outages and limited access to vital resources, leaving residents vulnerable. In these challenging times, organizations like RESIST play a critical role in ensuring the well-being of affected communities, particularly by addressing food security concerns.

Resist Rapid Response Grant: Resist, a philanthropic initiative dedicated to addressing rapid response crises, recognized the pressing need to tackle food security issues during hurricane outages in Puerto Rico. Understanding the challenges faced by the Taino Nation of Boriken due to climate change and unreliable power grids, Resist provided them with a significant Rapid Response Grant of $1000. This grant aimed to combat the resulting food insecurity within the community.

Despite the limited funding, the Taino Nation of Boriken effectively utilized the grant to address immediate hunger concerns by providing direct financial assistance to elders and new mothers. By distributing the funds directly, the community ensured that these vulnerable members had the means to access essential food items during times of crisis.

Through the Resist Rapid Response Grant, the Taino Nation of Boriken maximized the impact of the funds received, effectively addressing food security challenges and providing crucial support to elders and new mothers within their community.

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