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Borikua Taino Nation co-sponsors the Inter-Tribal Pantry w/Grinding Stone Collective

Updated: Apr 17

Borikua Taino Nation is proud to co-sponsor Grinding Stone Collective's Heart Healthy Inter-Tribal Pantry Event. We shared an amazing day of music, poetry, and the distribution of free indigenous foods to the community. A Bison meat food tasting was provided by Buffalo Jump NYC and the main presentation was done by Ana Puente Flores who demonstrated how to prepare a Heart Tonic Tea using Native Herbal Allies as well as do a demo of how Cacao is prepared in the Metate (stone grinder.) The workshop identified the historical, social, and political implications of settler-colonialism on the heart and how those have evolved into heart ailments in modern society.

We look forward to supporting more local initiatives like these in the months ahead.

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