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Celebrating the Creative Excellence and Linguistic Contributions of our Members in the Creation of our Official Seal

Updated: Apr 25

Today we shine a spotlight on three exceptional Borikua Táino individuals who have played pivotal roles in the design, development, and launch of the National Seal of the Táino Nation of Borikén.

Our heartfelt acknowledgment and gratitude go to Miguel David (Yucayeke Jattibonicu) for coming up with the original concept for the design. Talented artist Priscilla Bell (Yucayeke Yagüecax) used her talent and creative gifts to bring our official seal to life. These collaborative efforts have resulted in a symbol that beautifully encapsulates the rich cultural heritage of Borikua Taino, seamlessly blending the old ways and the new.

Our gratitude extends to Johnny Colón (Yucayeke Turabo) for his dedication to carefully researched linguistic translations. Johnny's meticulous work ensures that the National Seal accurately conveys the cultural nuances and historical significance of the Táino Nation through language.

Together, these three talented individuals have created a symbol that resonates with pride, authenticity, and a deep connection to our roots. Our seal honors the path our ancestors forged for us, the land we call home, and our Cemi. As the official seal of the Táino Nation of Boriken, this image will serve as a unifying emblem, representing the spirit and legacy of our Native heritage.

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