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Mysterious Disappearance of Julio Arroyo

Updated: Apr 17

Introduction: In a baffling case of a missing person, Julio "Jules" Arroyo, also known as Tito, has vanished without a trace. His loved ones are desperately seeking answers and are reaching out to the public for any information that could help locate him. This blog delves into the details of Julio Arroyo's disappearance, providing key information and urging readers to join the search for their missing relative.

Background: On May 19th, 2023, Julio Arroyo had a conversation with his sister, Angela, which turned out to be their last contact. Since then, Julio's whereabouts remain unknown, leaving his family in a state of worry and uncertainty. To aid in the search, crucial information about Julio's physical appearance, last known residence, and social media accounts have been made available.

Physical Description: Julio Arroyo is described as a Taino Borikua, standing at 5'9" tall and weighing approximately 190.0 pounds. He has distinctive green eyes and brown & grayish hair. Notably, Julio has a birthmark or light-colored skin depigmentation on his back, which can serve as an identifying feature.

Last Known Residence and Social Media: Julio's last known residence was the Ames Street Apartments, but he has not been seen or heard from since his conversation with his sister. In hopes of gathering leads, his social media handles have been shared, which include Jules Dern, Jule Dernes, and Tito.

Seeking Assistance: The Taino Nation of Boriken Department of Missing Indigenous Relatives has created a case file with the reference number #MIR.0001, which can be accessed via this link: Case #MIR.0001. The document contains further details about the case and can provide valuable information to aid in the search.

For any information that can help us to find him, please call his sister Angela at 646-504-7288 or fill in the Leads Form at Your cooperation and assistance are greatly appreciated.

Conclusion: The search for Julio Arroyo, known as Jules or Tito, continues as his family and friends tirelessly seek answers. With his last known contact on May 19th, the whereabouts of Julio remains a mystery. By sharing his physical description, last known residence, and social media information, this blog aims to raise awareness and encourage anyone with relevant information to come forward. It is crucial to remember that Julio suffers from schizophrenia and may require special attention and care. Let us unite in the efforts to find Julio Arroyo and bring much-needed closure to his loved ones. If you have any information, please refer to the case file provided by the Taino Nation of Boriken Department of Missing Indigenous Relatives at Case #MIR.0001 or call his sister Angela at 646-504-7288.

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