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Taino Health and Food Culture Day at Taino Towers in NYC

Updated: Apr 17

Presented in Collaboration with members of Nacion Taino de Boriken, Grinding Stone Collective, and Silent Procession NYC4PR. We were very excited to support this amazing initiative. The Nacion members in the Tri-state area all came out to support. Taino Borikua Matriarch, Artist, Muralist, and Educator Priscilla Bell Lamberty MC'd the event, guiding us through an opening and closing ceremony. Taino Borikua Elder Natalia Gonzalez led us through a cooking demo using items available at our pantry like the Masa, Chilio, and herbs. Taino teacher Brandon Ruiz of Yucayeke Farms took us on a deep dive into Diabetes Health, sharing insights into how the Taino/Caribbean foods can be leveraged to maintain glucose health and even reverse conditions like prediabetes. He also shared other herbs and fruits from the island that were cultivated in pre-columbian times, sharing how they help the body stay healthy. Our community members even shared feedback after the event:

"My key takeaway is that eating healthy is simple and not complicated if we follow the ways of our ancestors."

"I never knew the guava leaves were also medicinal and i love even more in love with Boriken "

"The abuelas Red Snapper and Guanimes was so delicious. I got emotional seeing an elder cooking because it made me think of my grandparents who passed on."

"Can we get a copy of the recipe from the abuela? " By the end of the presentations, the Inter-Tribal pantry distributed 1147 lbs of food and served 1147 people. We also created a flyer with more information about the presenters, and collaborators, info on low-glycemic foods, and a special Diabtese-friendly recipe for Sancocho. You can read or download the flyer here. Special thank you once again to Maria Cruz and Carmen V. Cruz for their support of this event and their remarkable contributions to the Taino community. Maria Cruz's dedication to the Taino Towers and East Harlem community has paved the way for invaluable initiatives like the cherished Taino Family Day. Likewise, Carmen V. Cruz's passionate advocacy through SilentProcession NYC4PR has been instrumental in raising awareness and fostering unity. We salute these incredible leaders for their tireless efforts in making a positive impact in our communities! About Taino Towers Taino Towers, a historic, mixed-use Section 8 housing complex comprised of four, 35-story residential towers that were constructed with federal funding provided by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 1979. About Silent Procession NYC4PR Our mission is to educate and raise awareness of the issues and struggles for survival of Puerto Rico. We are focusing on advocating and ensuring that Puerto Rican communities receive equal rights as U.S. citizens, as well as their right to preserve its culture and heritage. About Grinding Stone Collective Grinding Stone Collective Inc. is a grassroots 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to creating meaningful events, workshops, classes, and databases for Indigenous communities. Our core mission is to build strong, self-sufficient Indigenous communities and to build connections between urban and rural natives. We are committed to creating innovative, impactful, and sustainable solutions to the challenges facing us as Indigenous people today.

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